The BIRCHES NOW HAS Super non-ethanol fuel. .

Sunday, February 16, 2020  

The Birches restaurant and lounge is opened every day for three meals/day.Conditions on Moosehead and Brassua Lake are very good. Stay on marked trails unless you are familiar with where you are riding on lakes.




Grooming of ITS 88 north and south has been completed as of last night, February 15.

About 18 to 28 inches of snow on the trails.


Conditions on Moosehead Lake are very good. Lots of snowmobile and ice fishing going on now. Stay on Marked trails and know the conditions where you are headed before venturing off.


Reserve your accommodations for the winter/spring season.

We have several new snowmobiles in our fleet.

We will have our three Birches Groomers out as needed to keep conditions top notch, making the riding in the Rockwood area the best ever.

Check out our live webcam

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Please do not drive vehicles on the groomed trails. It is illegal and very dangerous.

See our webcam.  Do not go on frozen lakes that are not marked unless you are familiar with that area.

Rockwood has 5 trail groomers, 3 of which are operated by The Birches Resort to ensure the trails in our area are always at their very best. Our Cabins & Homes are always open along with super unleaded gas available at our lodge. Come warm up and enjoy great food & drinks by the fire. See you soon!