February 5, 2016

Around 4 inches of snow fell recently with warm temps after left us with a nice hand-packed base for riders to enjoy. We have seen many riders today and they all seem to be enjoying the trails. From the Birches North and West seem to be the very best for planning your routes as the trails to Jackman, North to Pittston Farm, and over to Northeast Carry are being groomed right now. One group of riders just returned from a round trip to Millinocket and really enjoyed their trip. It looks like we can expect to see more snow during the beginning of next week so stay tuned for more info!


Please stay on the marked passage as other areas are thin ice.

Rockwood has 5 trail groomers, 3 of which are operated by The Birches Resort to ensure the trails in our area are always at their very best. Our Cabins & Homes are always open along with super unleaded gas available at our lodge. Come warm up and enjoy great food & drinks by the fire. See you soon!