Lodging at The Birches

Remote Wilderness Yurts


New in 2010: A new, extra-large Yurt for meetings and group events. Call for more information.

The nomads of Siberia draped furs and skins over a lattice framework to create warm, portable shelters called Yurts. The Birches Resort offers a modern variation of these rustic abodes, perfect for overnight camping and day trips.

Our three yurts are located off our cross country ski trails. Each yurt is equipped with a wood stove, gas lights, a double Coleman outdoor burner, bunk beds, a futon, table and benches. We provide pots and pans for cooking, dishes, water for drinking and cooking, and firewood.  Bring your own sleeping bags and flashlights. For safety reasons, daylight arrival times are mandatory as these yurts are remote. During the winter we offer a Ski Yurt to Yurt package – we’ll transport your gear and have a crackling fire and hearty dinner waiting for your arrival.

The Birches Resort Lodging Rate Sheet

For  more information please call 800-825-WILD.