We have snow and good ice now


Winter is in full swing now. We had over two feet of snow until the New Years warm spell.  We lost considerable snow, however it has been cold and we did hold onto a good frozen base. We had two inches of new powder last night. The cross country skiing should be good after the storm predicted for Wednesday this week. The lakes are frozen pretty well now, but you should always check with local people before venturing out on the ice. The trail From The Birches is marked to Mt Kineo and people are using it now with snowmobiles.

The riding is actually really good from The Birches via Mt Kineo and north and west of Kineo.

The photo of the ice was taken just after Christmas on Moosehead Lake. The areas that look like cracks are just darker colored ice.

Our YURTS are ready for skiers and the lodge is opened now in full swing for the winter. We are opened every day for three meals and the lounge opens every day at noon.

I hope to see you soon at the lodge.

Happy New Year


Interesting Ice with snow blown off two weeks ago on Moosehead Lake

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