Summer is here



Summer will be here tomorrow June 21, the longest day of the year. It will stay light until almost 10 pm here this week.

Mooshead Lake is warming faster than usual due to a very early ice-out (April 16). I can remember the ice going out as late as May 17th in the 70’s.

The Birches is opened with full service in our dining room and lounge seven days per week. Come by boat or car for food and drinks by the lake. Enjoy our beautiful view of the mountains to our east and north.

Our marina is stocked with several types of boats, canoes and kayaks for your enjoyment.

Our moose safaris run daily by boat or by land in one of our jeeps.

We have campsites, cottages and private homes, all directly on Moosehead Lake.

My plane is on floats now and is ready for moose spotting action in the region.

Moosehead lake is the largest lake in any one single state. The water surface area of Moosehead Lake is 75,000 acres. Lots of great places to explore out there.

Mt Kineo golf coarse has been upgraded and is opened to the public every day. We can shuttle you there or your can rent one of our boats and head over for a round or two of scenic golf.

Mt Kineo is one of the oldest golf courses in Maine.

Beat the heat this summer with a stay on the shores of our magnificent lake.

Hopefully we will see you soon.

Have a great Maine day.


John Willard

View from The Birches looking at Mt Kineo and surrounding mountains


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