Spring at Moosehead

Spring is coming to Moosehead Lake very fast now. The days are getting longer and the added sunshine per day will melt the ice on Moosehead lake quickly during the next two weeks. I predict that the lake will be ice free sometime during the first ten days of May.

Spring fishing will be in full swing just after the ice goes out. The region had a record winter with excellent snow and great weather for XC skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing. All of our lakes will be full after the snow melts which will allow great boating.

We now look forward to the forests blooming with light green spring foliage.

The birds and geese will be back and our loons will once again be here with their cheerful calls.

Our cabins and lakefront homes are available for rent 365 days of the year. If you have never watched Ice Out on Moosehead this spring would be a good time to try and see it go. First it turns very black and then when ready in one day it usually moves out with a large wind. It looks like snow cone ice when it washed up on the shore.

Our boats will be available to rent as soon as the ice is gone. The Lodge and restaurant will be opened the weekend before Memorial Day.

Soon we will be ice free once again

My float plane is ready to go just as soon as the ice in out.

Come visit us this spring


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