Our staff are dedicated to making your vacation memorable. Here are some of the people you’re likely to meet during your stay.

Front Desk

Marcia Hansen, Cathy Billings, Olivia Reed, Jan Falla

Dining Room, Lounge and Kitchen

Paul Marin, Head Chef; Bert Jamison, Chef; Alan Richard, Chef; Meghan, Lindsey, Amanda and Will Willard, Tanya Ward, Andrea Gurney, Wait staff; Mercedes Richard, Megan Fullerton, Jason Willard, Kitchen Staff; Denise Murchison, lounge host.


Cindy Thompson, John Thompson, Doreen Baker, Meltony Miller, Hyacinth Wellington

Guides and Transportation

Butch Tupper

Maintenance Crew

Rick Chilson, Andy Lamothe, Andrew Tomer, Gabe Tomer, Wayne Simino, Michelle Morehouse

Business Office

Cheryl DuPlessis


John Willard(the buck stops here)